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[Please Read!] Roster Guidelines

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[Please Read!] Roster Guidelines

Postby Lime » Sat Aug 10, 2013 11:45 am

This forum is called the Roster!

It's a subforum dedicated entirely to posting profiles for any and all RPs.

Please keep in mind:

For group RPs, please keep all profiles for it in the same thread to prevent clutter.
    -The owner of the RP should create a profile thread and either a) post player profiles in it themselves or b) get players to post their profiles once approved.

For Invitation-Only RPs, you may create a profile page here, or post them within your IC thread if it's 1x1.

This forum is not for:

Any IC use, OOC, or personal test threads (even if they are profiles!)

This subforum is dedicated to approved profiles that are currently being used in an RP. Not to store old ones. Please use your test thread for that!

Thank you!

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