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SPICE! RP Character Roster

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SPICE! RP Character Roster

Postby Cloudy » Tue Sep 12, 2017 3:56 pm

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Official RP Thread <-- will be added when min. amount of characters is reached (3, not including Cloudy)

Below is the list of characters in the RP. I've included the ones that cameo'ed in the video, but feel free to request to add more characters if there's a Vocaloid/UTAUloid you really like or a Vocaloid OC you're dying to role-play.

*Note: For the purpose of this RP (and to keep it at least PG-13 and not too weirdly incesty), Rin and Len will be childhood friends that treat each other like brother and sister.

Anyone RPing as an OC must provide relevant physical descriptions or provide a reference image. You can also do this if you're RPing a regular Vocaloid character.

**Please also state if your character is a student, professor, etc.

OC Description Guide:
    -Hair Color:
    -Eye Color:
    -Other Physical characteristics:
    -Brief Character info.: (e.g. just graduated high school and has scored an internship at Mr. Camui's Farming Corporation, working as his assistant. etc., etc.)
    -Current Occupation:
    -Misc. Info: (big crush on Len?

I'll choose my character later on, once we have the minimum amount of people.
Y'all have first dibs :cheeky:

Character list:
    •Len Kagamnine -
    •Rin Kagamine -
    •Meiko -
    •Professor/Mr. Kaito (your choice)-
    •Luka Megurine -
    •Miku Hatsune - NerdyAliCat
    •Haku Yowane -
    •Neru Akita -
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